The Paladins in Training

In the small town of Algeridge, young Mason and Peter have been waiting for a Hero's Call for years, tavelling into the wild forests in Northern Medius seeking fame and fortune. After finding what seemed like an island untouched by Man, they came to realize that the land they chose to train on used to be the home of Byron, one of the most notorious necromancers in recent history. Finding a druid, Roderick, who was imprisoned on the island by Byron himself, Mason and Peter help him return to the Continent, only to learn that he was in fact Byron himself, and that he'd been imprisoned by the Paladin Trinity over twenty years ago. Byron escapes, but not before summoning another necromancer, Orion, to destroy Mason and Peter's home town and all traces of his return to Medius.

Luckily, Mason and Peter are able to fight off Orion, but not before a small group of Paladins arrive, lead by Felix, general of the small Paladin army. Felix, impressed with Mason and Peter's advanced skill but wary of Mason's natural power, invites the two to accompany the Paladins to Capital City for the Hero's Call and the chance at becoming Paladins in Training, also known as PiTs. Accepting the offer, the two friends begin their journey, but Mason is hiding a secret: Byron prophesied that Mason would soon fall to darkness and become the greatest necromancer in history.