In a world defined by magic and fantasy, there has to be rules.

Think of something you would like to do. Make someone do what you want them to. Create a fireball by willing it. Bring someone back from the dead. All of these things fall under one of the three Magic Schools, and below is a list of more common spells that fit under each School, along with a definition of what the Schools are.

School of Elements

The first School is made up of the creation or manipulation of anything made up of the four Elements: fire, water, air and earth. If you find a spell that allows you to move something without touching it, push a person away or pull them towards you, they fall under the Air Category; in contrast to the other three schools, the basic understanding of air manipulation requires a set of orders, as one cannot simply force the air to do what one wishes. Anything involving heat or flames falls under Fire, and so on with water and earth. One thing worth noting is that these element are more easily controlled than created, and it takes a skilled Elemental Mage to make the nonexistent appear. Below is a list of some of the more common abilities used in Magus.

Flamma- controlling existent flames.
Unda- controlling existent water.
Koudo- controlling existent earth (dirt, plants, solid ground, things like that).
Agito- controlling the air around an object, giving off the impression that the magic user is grabbing the object from far away.
Pulsus- forcing air forward, pushing whatever is in front of it.
Traeo- calling air behind an object towards the magic user, as if pulling them.
Desino- the desired location's air creates a shield of sorts that attempts to stop anything that tries to pass through.
Effrego- air pushing in a certain direction in an attempt to break an object; a more precise attack compared to Pulsus.
Nidor- creating heat under liquid in an attempt to make it evaporate; usually makes a vapor of sorts.

School of Light

The second and third Schools of Magic are Light and Darkness, both having the common goal of orders, enhancements and tools. Light users, typically found somewhere withing the Paladin Order, tend to shun both other schools of magic as if Elemental Mages were as 'bad' as Dark Mages. Light users also have connections to piety, believing that their powers stem from the Gods, and that the Light users are their earthly Champions. The Paladins of Lightwood actually believe that they are the only Champions left, and that the Gods had forsaken anyone not in Magus during the Illusion. Below are some of the only spells that are not considered Dark or Evil.

Lux Lucis- light appears in an orb that many consider brighter if the user is more blessed by the gods and dim if they are not as faithful (picture of Lux Lucis is above/right).
Resarcio- the attempt to mend and wound or fix anything broken.
Melior- energy fills the user or target, temporarily increasing their strength and speed.
Levis- light similar to the Lux Lucis energy is used like the pulsus spell, blasting the target with light. Dark creatures are weak to this type of spell.
Contego- A see-through wall appears and shields the magic user from dark spells, but does not stop any elemental attacks.
Paries- A thicker barrier, made of light, stops anything moving towards it but absorbs light from attacks like the contego spell. Too bright to see through.

School of Darkness

While the School if light attempts to heal, the School of Darkness is based on the intent to control. Originally referred to as the School of Manipulation, a new title was created when a connection was made between making people do things and causing pain. Below are some of the more known and despised abilities used by Dark Mages.

Caliga- (See left) exactly like Lux Lucis, but absorbing light instead of making more of it. This spell can be thrown at something in an attempt to suck some of the energy, or life, from a living being. Unhealthy bodies can be healed by this energy if it absorbs enough life from something else, and can heal even better than resarcio if used properly. If some sort of ball is used, like a glass orb, the life taken with Caliga can be stored (the image to the right is of an orb with several human lives absorbed; these are called Caligan Orbs and are very rare).
Malum- similar to the levis spell, but corrupts the body of whatever living being touches it. If the being is already injured or sick, the spell may kill them.
Amor- the mental suggestion that the target should have more sensual feelings for the magic user; one of the more sought-after manipulation spells.
Incidere- a dark energy forms an invisible blade that slashes the target in the direction in which the magic user's hand moves, as if an extension of their body. Some wrongly believe that this is manipulation of air.
Orior Oriri Ortis- the command from the magic user to something dead that it rises from it's slumber, this spell calls upon the body but not the soul unless a Caligan Orb is used to regenerate the body enough to restore true life to the dead; if this is used, the living being is not controlled by the commands given to undead, but can still be the target of manipulation spells.
Oppugno- the order for a minion to attack.
Tripudio- the order for someone to dance uncontrollably; used by many drunk necromancers in Furdahn taverns.


The one spell that all Schools of Magic come together to form is referred to as Desumo. Each School takes credit for the spell's existence but none can explain it quite like the School of Darkness does:

"Desumo: the harnessing of pure energy with intent to cause harm."
-Byron, necromancer

Some Light users have condemned Desumo as one of the most dangerous and chaotic powers in existence, but other see the harnessing of such an ability as an achievement. Whatever the case, the sight of this spell is a rare one.