Phil Ringer- Creator of Magus and the Scarlet Verse

A while ago, I decided to get off my ass and start writing my own stories. Seven years later, I put together two worlds, each with their characters and stories. One of them is the Scarlet Verse, a realm like this one, but with an underworld full of vampires, demons and other things we hope aren't real when walking down dark hallways or past dimly-lit alleys. I spent the better part of a decade forming characters with their own pasts, ideals and beliefs, but recently I actually moved away from the supernatural and went towards fantasy. The world of Magus, which may at some point be changed to something less cliche (no promises), is one of all the things people want in their lives: excitement, purpose, depth and beauty. The first story I made was a spin on the old Paladin/Necromancer tale, one where the main character is the one standing behind an army of death and the antagonist is the guy in plate armor, hacking his way through waves of corpses. Before getting there, however, I wanted to pull back and show how the robed big-bad got there, and that's the story of Mason. I want a good origin story, one where the main character is a good guy overall but goes down a bad path, but still has the readers rooting for him. Don't worry, I know what happens in the end, so I'm not just playing it by ear, and I'm always looking for a way to expand the universe. Check out the Burden Logs for updates, or the blogspot link below. And if you wanna contact me, send an email to or reply to a Log message.