There are many who come together for a legendary tale.

And Mason's story is no exception. Here's a list of the characters that have large roles in Burden.

Citizens of Alderidge

Mason- the protagonist of Burden, Mason is the typical sidekick until he finds a book containing spells from the Schools of Darkness and Elements. Wanting to do more than carry the equipment of Peter, his best friend, Mason begins practicing magic. Eventually he is able to take on creatures just as sell as Peter, and the two begin training as a team. What Mason lacks in strength he makes up for in intelligence and quick-thinking. As the story progresses, he tries to fight without the spells he first learned before introduced to the School of Light.

Peter- Mason's best friend. Peter had always been a strong fighter, and after training under his father (who later died defending Medius) had become skilled with a sword. Always seeking adventure, Peter loves to journey into the unknown with nothing but a blade and partner by his side. Sometimes he makes the wrong decision, but Peter has a strong sense of justice, one that Mason tries to connect with in their journey together.

Marcus- Mason's father. Marcus loses his wife in Orion's attack on Alderidge and then his son when Mason chooses to leave town with the Paladins against his wishes.
Ariel- Mason's mother. Ariel was always a kind woman, though Mason heard many rumors that she was unfaithful to her husband. She died when Orion attacked Alderidge.
Wade- Peter's grandfather and guardian until he leaves with the Paladins.


Felix- General of the Paladin Army.
Griffin- Felix's right hand.
Saul- Leader of the Paladin Trinity.
Ronan- Trinity member.
Dante- Trinity member.
Ian- Combat instructor.
Faye- Magic instructor.


Vox- former bane of existence, Vox tried to raise an army to destroy Medius, but was killed by Saul in a duel at the gates of Capital City.
Byron/Roderick- former Druid, Byron took the reigns of the Necromancer forces in Ciramus but was captured by the Trinity and locked away in his former home; the necromancer community almost died out when he went missing.
Orion- minion of Byron.

Capital City

Hania Regina VI- current Queen of Medius.
Reece- PiT from Dran, sent to Capital City by Felix.
Emily- CC-born warrior PiT.
Mya- Nusio-born mage PiT, wannabe love interest of Mason (he hates her).
Kirby- Occasun-born warrior PiT.
Vivian- CC-born warrior PiT and Peter's love interest. Mason wishes to be with Vivian and his desire for her is the focus of his time in Capital City during the Hero's Call.

Occasun PiTs (meeting up with PiTs after Capital City)

Richard- warrior PiT.
Wyatt- rogue PiT.
Darla- battle mage PiT.