The world was almost crushed, but it survived.

Thrived, even, but not through natural resolution. As magic began leaving the Eastern continents, a panic lead to war for the only land no longer devout of magic energy: Magus. As armies marched towards the island continent, the countries of Magus put aside their differences and slowly put together the most powerful spell known to mankind: the creation of another realm; where their land was once was, only ocean will remain, and their people would be safe. After beginning the spell, a discovery lead to the understanding that magic came from the planet's center, and the people put together an alternative spell, one that would give the illusion that the continent was no longer in existence (this event would later be referred to as the Illusion). Their plan was a successful one, but now they could not leave their own nations for another, and the darkness hidden below the surface of Magus was still powerful.

Now, generations later, the Furdahn nation is no longer willing to live peacefully with the rest of the continent, and wishes to destroy anything standing in their way. The central country, Medius, is in a state of panic, and the Queen recently announced a Hero's Call. Who knows what will happen when every would-be hero migrates to the Capital City and tries making a name for themselves? And a rumor is circulating within the smaller villages that the Paladins of Lightwood have begun recruiting warriors and even brought young heroes to the Spire fir training. With the growing Furdahn threat and the ever-present Necromancer population increasing, one thing is certain: this Age is a certainly interesting time to be alive.